The Station Today

Photo of Boathouse

The present Boathouse was built in 1995, it consists of a Boat hall, Drying room and Workshop on the ground floor with a Crew room and office at First floor level.

The Station Lifeboat is the 'B' Class Atlantic 85 B-842 Hello Herbie which came to station on the 22 June 2010.

The Boat is launched by tractor into the Harbour while there is water, when the tide is out the Lifeboat is towed one mile to the beach and launched from there.

We now have a Fundraising Team at the station, for the first time in the Stations history, which came into effect on the 11th June 2008.
Previously, the fundraising branch had been a seperate entity 'Rye and District Branch'

The Operations Team consists of 15 Crew, 8 launchers and 7 station Honorary Officials.
The Fundraising Team consists of 5 Fundraisers, 4 extra pairs of Willing Hands, 3 Honorary Officials