Lives Rescued from shipwreck


1852 August 15 Brig, "Avon," of London   3
1862 December 10 American Ship, "James Browne"   18
1867 January 23 Barque, "Marie Amelie," of Quimper Assisted to save Vessel and 14
  February 1 Brigantine, "Estelle," of Preston Saved Vessel  


The "STORM SPRITE," gift of the solicitors' and Prostors' Lifeboat Fund

1867 October 22 Ship, "Michiels Loos," of Antwerp Stood by Vessel  
1869 February 14 Brig, "Pearl," of Shoreham   8
1871 January 16 Grig, "Elizabeth & Cicely," of Guernsey   8
  December 18 Barque, "Robina," of North Shields   8
1874 February 25 Schooner, "Helene," of Cranz   4
1876 January 21 Brig, "Fred Thompson," of Dundee Stood by Vessel  
1877 December 22 Schooner, "Vier Broders," of Groningen   4
1878 January 28 Schooner, "Fearless," of Guernsey   6


The "FRANCES HARRIS," legacy of the late Mrs Harris, of Streatham

1884 January 23 Brig, "Silkworth," of Blyth   7
1890 December 4 Steam Tug No. 15, of Plymouth Assisted to save Vessel and 6
1891 December 28 Barque, "Warwickshire," of London   18
1896 December 5 S.S. "Menzaleh," of London Rendered Assistance  


The "JOHN WILLIAM DUDLEY," legacy of the late Mr J.W. Dudley, of Woodford

1900 October 25 Ship, "Helicon," of Hamburg Rendered Assistance  
1901 January 19 Cutter, "Jeune Arthur," of Cherbourg   4
1902 February 23 Ketch, "Pilot," of Plymouth Saved Vessel and 4
1904 February 20-25 S.S. "Lake Michigan," of Liverpool Stood by Vessel  
  May 2 Ship "Derwent," of London Stood by Vessel  
1905 June 22 S.S. "Clara," of London Stood by Vessel  
1907 January 22 Ketch, "Lord Tennyson," of London Rescued 3 and a dog 3
  March 18 S.S. "Swan," of Sunderland Stood by Vessel  
1909 December 22 S.S. "Salatis," of Hamburg Rendered Assistance  
  December 22 Boat of Tug, "Oceana," of London   3
1910 March 9 Steam Trawler, "Mararet," of Rye Stood by Vessel  
1912 December 26 S.S. "Bedeburn," of Newcastle Assisted to save Vessel  
1916 April 17 S.S. "Kirnwood," of Middlesbrough Rendered Assistance  


The "MARY STANFORD," legacy of the late Mr John Stanford

1920 May 28 S.S. "Thora Fredrikke," of Porsgrund Stood by Vessel  
1921 March 29 Barge, "Lady Ellen," of Woodbridge   2
1923 February 2 Motor Schooner, "Alroy," of Falmouth   8
  December 13 Aeroplane G.E.B.I.J. Sperry Salved Aeroplane  
The "MARY STANFORD" was launched to the help of the S.S. "Alice," of Riga, on the 15th of November, 1928. A whole South-West gale was blowing with a very heavy sea. As she was coming home, the lifeboat capsized in the surf, with the loss of the whole of her crew of seventeen.
Total 128


June 1966 D-105 No Name Funded by Beaconsfield Round Table
March 31st 1970 D-105 No Name Re-rendowed by Kingston and Surbiton Branch
March 1st 1976 D-241 No Name Funded by the Ancient order of Friendly Foresters
June 21st 1986 C-517 No Name Funded by The Lewis Lifeboat Appeal
January 10th 1996 B-548 Aldershot Funded by the Aldershot Lifeboat Appeal
July 17th 1996 B-727 Commander and Mrs Rodney Wells Funded by a Bequest of Mrs Eva Lillian Wells
June 22nd 2010 B-842 Hello Herbie Funded by a Bequest of Mrs Peggy Joan Staveley